A new scientific approach
Confidence Reimagined
✓ AI-powered hair scans
✓ FDA-approved treatments
✓ Delivered to your door
Loved by hundreds
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Carefully crafted treatments from your AI-powered hair scans, medical history, and lifestyle.

Most effective treatments. 

• The strongest FDA-approved ingredients
• Personalized based on your hair/scalp analysis
• Diagnosed and prescribed only by specialized dermatologists
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Peace of mind — know it's working

• Progress tracking using AI-powered hair & scalp imaging
• Guaranteed results or your money-back
• Pause or cancel anytime
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Redefining convenience.

• Seamless dermatology checkups at your finger tips
• Message your doctor anytime
• No appointments, waiting, or insurance needed
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Your ultimate hair & skin solution.

Our integrated dermatology approach ensures seamless care, guaranteed results, and personalized solutions tailored to your hair and scalp needs
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Our mission

Revolutionizing hair growth with AI

Unmatched results with 3-in-1 integration:
Genetics + Imaging + FDA Approved Ingredients
Experience the pinnacle of hair and skincare. We customize the strongest FDA-approved ingredients using proprietary AI-driven microscopy and genetic testing, then precisely monitor your progress to ensure effectiveness, convenience and peace of mind.
Easy & seamless

How it works

1. From your salon chair

Genetic testing + medical grade imaging

We will conduct high resolution microscopy on the effected regions of your scalp & run a hair follicle protein analysis to assess wether or not you have the necessary scalp biology to respond to treatment.
2. Within 24 hours

AI-powered hair and scalp analysis

Our proprietary AI algorithms, built on a dataset of 3.6 million data points, analyzes 20+ biomarkers relating to your unique hair and scalp characteristics.
3. Dermatologist prescribed

Personalized FDA-Approved treatment plans

A board certified dermatologist specializing in hair loss, dandruff & inflammation will review your medical data and the results of your AI analysis to prescribe a personalized treatment regimen.
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4. During every haircut

Hair Progress tracking and monitoring

Use the provided microscope camera to capture hair and scalp images, enabling your dermatologist to monitor your progress and make changes to your treatment plan, if necessary.
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Juan Ortiz

3.6 Million

Data Points

Our ingredient customization algorithm is built on millions of hair loss, dandruff, inflammation, oily and dry scalp biomarkers.
Luis Sandoval
Sergio Hernandez


Real results.

We remove the trial and error process of choosing hair and skincare ingredients. With one scan, we will know exactly what will work for you.
William Kim
Miguel Torres

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Once you sign up, you will be able to visit any salon or barber shop in our network for hair and scalp progress monitoring and imaging.
A new scientific approach
Confidence Reimagined
✓ AI-powered hair scans
✓ FDA-approved treatments
✓ Delivered to your door
Loved by hundreds